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Common Questions

How can Momentum File Transfer assist with secure file transfers?

Security is a crucial aspect of Momentum File Transfer' solutions. Most if not all Momentum File Transfer' solutions allow for secure file transfers in four central areas:

  • Encryption, which protects the file and its contents during transfers and while in storage
  • Authentication, which makes a user prove their identity before granting access to transfers
Does Momentum File Transfer software reduce our cost of transferring data files?

In general, Momentum File Transfer' can reduce costs by simplifying systems, enhancing error detection and risk management, and providing a large scope of capabilities that support the consolidation of file transfer solutions. These functions serve to:

  • Decrease time spent defining and configuring user accounts
  • Reduce time spent determining how to remediate failed transfers
Which file transfer protocols do you support?

Our software supports the following protocols:

  • FTP – The broadly used standard
  • SSH – A secure network protocol used for transferring files over an unsecured network by using a client-server architecture
  • FTPS – An extension of FTP that adds support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols
  • HTTPS – A secure network protocol, used for communications over the World Wide Web, which combines HTTP with SSL/TLS
How many transmissions per day are needed before this product becomes cost effective?

Although our system can process tens of thousands of file transfers per day, we have seen the implementation of our software be cost effective for customers with as few as 20 transmissions/day.

Do your solutions require scripting or programming?

Momentum File Transfer' solutions have client utilities that can be called from scripts. Scripting and programming interfaces can reduce the effort required to build secure automations that integrate into the broader workflows supported by your file transfers.

Can your software actually reduce the time it takes to transfer files from our current, manual process?

Yes! Momentum software can reduce the time it takes to transfer files through the following key features:

  • Data compression is used to reduce the amount of data that is sent over networks when files are transferred
  • Work steps can be re-used for each job file. Additionally, automatic application work steps such as PGP encryption can be re-used and customized, reducing work effort and time spent on transfers.
  • The initiation of a file transfer is automated and alerts are sent when a file arrives and is processed, thus improving workflow and improving speed